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Straight Teeth Snap Comb Clips

Straight teeth snap comb clips are 1.25 inches (32 mm).

Available in the following colors:
* Black
* Dark Brown
* Light Brown
* Blonde
* Grey

Wire Flex Combs with Seam Material Covers

The seam material sewn across the top edges of the wire flex comb serves multiple purposes:
  • It enables you to securely sew the comb to a wig or hairpiece in any position that provides comfortable & secure attachment to the wearer's own hair.
  • The cover protects any sharp edges of the wire comb from being exposed

Helpful Hint:

  • It is a good idea to hand stitch the very side teeth (about half way down the length of the comb) to base of hair unit; this prevents the comb from lifting or inverting during attachment.

Available in 5-Teeth, 7-Teeth & 10-Teeth sizes. Each size comes in Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown. Taupe, Blonde & Light Grey.


01-11 pcs = $2.50 each
12-24 pcs = $1.75 each
25 or more = $1.25 each

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